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The oilfield is a dangerous place to work. .  It places employees in very hazardous, and potentially life-threatening, environments. On average, over 100 oilfield workers die each year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of oilfield deaths and oilfield injuries continues to rise dramatically. Drilling rigs, work-over and completion rigs, gas plants and compressor stations, hot oilers, oilfield trucking, roustabout and other oilfield services require the use of heavy and dangerous equipment. Their operation is carried out in an environment of highly explosive and dangerous chemicals and products. A safe workplace demands constant attention to the details of safety policy and procedure to prevent catastrophic oil field and oil refinery accidents.


The experienced Dallas oil field accident attorneys of Jimmy C. Bailey & Associates, P.C. strive to aggressively represent those injured from oil field accidents.   Jimmy C. Bailey spent over five years of exclusively handling oil field accidents and has forty years of experience representing injured clients.


Accidents in the Oil Field/Oil Refinery environment can result in devastating harm.  Many accidents result in catastrophic injuries such as tragic severe burn and electrocution, head and brain or spinal cord injuries, loss of or use limbs, loss of hearing, never damage, and exposure to toxic chemicals and gases and even death.


Although strict safety standards are often in place to prevent oil field accidents, oil field workers suffer on-the-job injuries too frequently. Travel to and from the oil fields accounts for a large portion of the oil field related accidents and fatalities and in some instances, boating accidents, helicopter, aircraft or truck accidents The most common accidents occur as a result of:


   • Dangerous blowouts in drilling operations;

   • Dangerous malfunctions or mishaps of heavy equipment and pipes;

   • Defective or inappropriate equipment;

   • Slips and falls;

   • Exposures to toxic chemicals and gases;

   • Work rig collapses;

   • Fire and gas leak explosions;

   • Falls from rigs and equipment;

   • Equipment failures and defective products;

   • Well blowouts, Issues with Frac Tanks;

   • Explosions and oil fires;

   • Being struck by large oil field objects and equipment;

   • Overworked employees;

   • Substance abuse;

   • Inadequate safety programs;

   • Inexperienced employees;

   • Toxic fumes;

   • Inadequate policies and procedures;


At Jimmy C. Bailey & Associates, P.C, our experienced attorneys recognize the financial challenges that a work-related injury causes. We handle injury and wrongful death claims from oilfield accidents caused by third-parties and aggressively pursue compensation over and above what might be provided by workers’ compensation benefits.

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